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A Day At The Races (geïllustreerde fanfic, EN)

€5.00 €8.00

The tags:
9K, T, 50s AU, Keith/Lance, period related racism and homophobia.

The synopsis:
The story takes place in 1952, in a small town in New Mexico. Keith Cogain, a half-Korean young man, is bullied because of his mother's heritage. In part because we're in the middle of the Korean war, but mostly still because white kids like picking on colored kids.

He finds his outlet in street racing, and takes great pride in generally being better at it than his bully and rival, Jimmy Parker. When his race car, skillfully engineered by Hunk and Pidge, winds up in Jimmy's hands, he makes a bet that could potentially make him live his greatest nightmare. To leave his newly developed crush, Lance Martínez.

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