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Zine Madness: Dutchies Unite (volume 2)

€7.50 €10.00

Zine Madness: Dutchies Unite is a zine filled with art, made by artists that you can find in the Artist Alleys of Dutch Conventions.

The goal is to get to know our community better, to bring both artists and their fans closer to each other and to show you what we have to offer in the Dutch Artist Alleys.

In this second issue we're going back to our roots, back to what we liked as children and the things that inspired us to be the artists we are today.

This zine is completely fanart based, with a wide diversity of themes: ranging from the 70s to the year 2011.

We hope to take you along on our nostalgia trip and enjoy it as much as we did making it the past four months. Because our hard working team of artists deserve it!

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